My memories of a lovely Friesian home

The Friesian home in summer

The Friesian home in summer

Outdoor breakfast on a sunny summer day

Just like in a fairy tale, my parents-in-law once upon a time, lived in my idea of a dream home…a lovely and cozy farm house way up north in the province of Friesland. It was a home like no other for every nook and corner had my mom-in-law’s loving touch. Mementos that filled the house had stories to tell from their times in Tanzania (Africa) and Suriname (South America) to inherited small things from both sides of the family. Simple things that we would normally overlook just blended in the whole set-up to make this almost 200-year old home acquire a character of its own.

The Friesian home in winter


The cozy living room

The fireplace

My memory remains vivid of summer barbeques, of cozy drinks by the fireplace on chilly autumn days and of happy Christmas dinners. When I was in that home, all my cares in the world simply vanished as the love and warmth of my loving husband and in-laws reassured me that everything was all right.

It’s almost four years ago since they left that home to move closer to us so that they can enjoy the time with their youngest grandchild. They also realized that in their advancing years, maintaining a home like that was becoming a drain financially and physically. They had almost 30 years of fond memories which will see them through in the coming years in a new place they will call home.

The vegetable garden

Flowers everywhere

It was me and my husband who had difficulties with letting go because our infrequent visits were all filled with amazing memories. Our busy lives in the west kept us away because of the two-hour drive, but our days there were well-spent. In summer, we would spend there a long weekend timed on Dad’s birthday which falls on the sunny month of July. I would normally be busy organizing the barbeque which was always fun to hold in the sprawling garden which burst with blooms that only someone with the magic touch like Mam Sil can do. I enjoyed harvesting produce from the garden…from potatoes to beans, raspberries and strawberries. We cycled a lot too, and thoroughly enjoyed countryside bliss such as the sights of quaint villages and pasture lands.

My husband cherishes his memories of that home with fondness. The space afforded him in his teens the privilege to indulge in his passion for raising rabbits and pigeons.

We now only have pictures and memories engraved in our hearts when we think of those idyllic times way up north. Friesland to those in the western part of the country seems like another country already but it is a lovely province with people who are proud of their distinct heritage. They speak their own language and take pride of everything that’s truly Friesian — Friesian horses, Friesian sugar bread, Friesian cows, etc. And there’s one Friesian who’s hit the international scene lately. Her name is Doutzen Kroes.

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About Malou
I'm a mom to a five-year old little girl with interest in cooking, baking, traveling and photography. Castles and palaces are special favorites so when weather permits for a good walk on weekends, me, hubby and little girl are always out for a bit of adventure.

45 Responses to My memories of a lovely Friesian home

  1. bhamgirl says:

    Oh my goodness, what wonderful pictures! I think that may be my dream home too! Donna

  2. That house is beautiful and so cozy looking! It sounds like a real treasure.

  3. Dor says:

    Your photos are phenomenal and I understand why you have such lovely memories of the Friesian home and the wonderful times you had there. It makes me think of our cottage in rural Virginia, where we live now and you are inspiring me to photograph it at all angles – for the memories.

    • Thanks a lot, Dor. I guess I look with my heart when I am behind the camera to capture what’s in front of me. I love that house and it will always conjure happy memories for as long as I live.

      Now you’ve made me curious of your cottage. Take as many pictures especially when the lighting is good and when your heart is bursting with inspiration.

  4. shil says:

    Indeed a beautiful house !!

  5. I have never heard of Friesland. I can see why you miss it, it’s a very magical looking home. Your photos are so pretty… this is the kind of home I would love as well!

    • Friesland (or Fryslan) is one of the 12 Dutch provinces. It is located way up north so it has more cows than people. It is a lovely area and we love it there especially in summer.

  6. Java Girl says:

    Hey, I love your “About” me part. I love castles too! What a wonderful blog. I decided to follow as well! Looking forward to more blogs to come! :)

  7. KindFoodFarm says:


  8. tita buds says:

    This is exactly the kind of home we used to dream about growing up in the Philippines, isn’t it? It wasn’t really large stone/brick mansions and palaces but this type of home that we used to see in storybooks. What a charming place inside and out. That garden must have been a joy to explore. :)

    (I’ve been ‘backlog-reading’ for a couple of days and it seems you were actively posting over the holidays, haha. :))

    • So true. I still remember that saying “Aanhin ang bahay na bato kung ang nakatira ay kuwago, mabuti pa ang bahay na kubo kung ang nakatira ay tao”. This home was not palatial nor even a mansion but it was just filled with so much warmth and love from my in-laws that everyone who went there was charmed. I’ve brought a lot of (Pinoy) friends here and they all had heavy hearts when it was time to leave. They wished they could stay…longer.

      (I guess my posting will slow down a bit, it’s getting busier at work. I had some time off after Christmas so I was able to post more.)

  9. Malou this is absolutely lovely – a super tribute to a special home that you will always remember.

  10. Nice house – great bookcase – every home should have a bookcase like that!

  11. TBM says:

    What a lovely home.

  12. What a wonderful house and garden, magical.

  13. My Punks Mom says:

    What a dream home, simplistic and beautiful!

  14. BigSkyKen says:

    Looks like a very enchanting place, I can see why letting go would have been difficult.

  15. namitalad says:

    u post awesome pictures everytime

  16. It really was a fairytale house – what a wrench to leave it. So pleased that you have such lovely photos and memories and your family is nearer now too.

    • I wish I had taken more pictures over the years but I always thought that house would be there forever. It was only when my in-laws have decided to leave that I realized I have not taken enough pictures. As in life, we always take a lot for granted and only realized their worth when they are gone…

  17. Hi there! :-) The gardens and flowers are beautiful – I can see why you were drawn to this home filled with love! It is very difficult saying goodbye to a childhood home, I’m sure your husband finds it difficult as well. I know when my parents sold their home I felt sad – there are a lot of beautful memories though that can never be gone!

    • The place was magical…the house, the garden and the meadows behind the garden. Everything about that place was so special and that was because every nook and corner was filled with happy memories.

  18. the floor to ceiling bookcase is wonderful. what wonderful memories. my mother and stepfather have a similar county place (which we have similar feelings about) about 1 1/2 hrs from us. and we know that in a time not far away they will, too, need to come closer to us…..for now, we are enjoying the holidays and other visits there, just as you did.

    • It’s nice to know that you have a similar place that gives you that warm and wonderful feeling and where you always feel so at home. Just try to document your visits with as much pictures as you can for when they move out…those pictures and memories are the only ones left.

  19. Imperio says:

    That is a beautiful home. What a wonderful thing to experience it.

  20. The abundance of flowers is gorgeous. I am particularly interested in the difference between winter and summer – a stark contrast in the amount of foliage. AS you say, houses themselves become characters in our lives

    • Malou says:

      There is a big difference between these seasons but the plants that my mom-in-law had in her garden just go on hibernation in winter, wakes up in spring and blooms in summer.

  21. karencooking says:

    Your love of this home comes through loud and clear!

  22. busymomhelp says:

    i love that old house. And the kitchen garden comes right out of my dream. Wish I had one like that.

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