Royal weekend at Palais Het Loo (Het Loo Palace)

The upside of living in Amersfoort which is pretty centrally located in the country is its close proximity to many places worth exploring especially on weekends and throughout the year. Two royal palaces are within easy reach on top of the many castles, parks, zoos and forests as well.

Palais Het Loo

The main fountain

One place that we love visiting especially on a warm and lovely day is Palais Het Loo (Het Loo Palace) in Apeldoorn as it is just a good half hour’s drive from home. We’ve been inside the palace twice so we’re pretty happy to just explore its lovely 17th century garden which is really stunning especially in spring and summer. Patterned after Versailles, this garden and the fountains are just perfect for a family’s outing and even a little picnic.

Almost 2 springtime ago, we were at Palais Het Loo on a warm and sunny Sunday. I couldn’t have asked for a better day as the weather was just perfect and it was amazing to see spring literally exploding all over the place from the fruit trees bursting with flowers, to bees buzzing here and there, to trees finally waking up and getting their green cloak after the winter slumber and to spring flowers just blooming in profusion.

Our little girl had a great time as she found the garden and the huge trees just so much to her liking for playing hide and seek. Later, she found a play buddy in a boy who was about her age.

"Royal" cappuccino

One of the many fountains

Forget me not

Amazed by the fountain...

Playing hide-and-seek behind the big trees...

Colors of spring

Horse-drawn carriage

The royal stable

About Malou
I'm a mom to a five-year old little girl with interest in cooking, baking, traveling and photography. Castles and palaces are special favorites so when weather permits for a good walk on weekends, me, hubby and little girl are always out for a bit of adventure.

58 Responses to Royal weekend at Palais Het Loo (Het Loo Palace)

  1. Gorgeous flower photos! What set up do you use for macro photography? Any tricks you’re willing to share?

  2. Rrabano says:

    Gorgeous. Like the flowers, n lovely family.

  3. LanieTankard says:

    Looks like a fun day!

  4. Beautiful grounds. I love how it doesn’t take much to entertain a little child, she was having lots of fun just with sticks and playing hide and seek. The photo of her and the little boy made me think, “This is how childhood should be.” I think we have some good parents here!

    • Malou says:

      The place is indeed beautiful and the space and freedom for a child to run around is priceless. The innocence and the genuine desire for friendship in the eyes of these two kids was really heartwarming to see.

  5. Great pictures again!

  6. What a great post. Love the pictures. The gardens look lovely! Seems like your daughter had a great time!

  7. Thank you for the follow! I really appreciate it.

  8. BigSkyKen says:

    Looks like a wonderful place to explore, and you little girl seemed to really enjoy it!

    • Malou says:

      The garden of this palace never fails to impress, Ken. It is always fun to explore and for a little girl with boundless energy, this place is perfect.

  9. Malou, you make every place you show us the next place I want to visit.

  10. Beautiful! Love the formal gardens…I miss Europe!

  11. Some really beautiful photography here!

  12. viveka says:

    Malou, just what I needed this windy and ice cold day. Spring with beautiful fllowers … sunshine and wonderful suroundings. Great reading and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.Your little girl are adorable.

  13. lykkeholm says:

    Truly amazing photos!

  14. I really enjoy your blog and have gifted you the One Lovely Blog Award.

  15. CJ & TJ says:

    We really enjoyed your blog! Great pictures, too. CJ & TJ

  16. I love some of your photos!

  17. behnnie says:

    Your daughter looks like such an inquisitive, happy child. She must have inquisitive, happy parents!

  18. Eeeeep, your little ones are so adorable!

  19. Bravo ! BRAVO !! Exquisite. Beautiful ! Like a film. What a treat. What a gift. Thank you ! ~Theadora

  20. Alex @ Raw Recovery says:

    Wow, these pictures are absolutely stunning!

  21. Me & Beirut says:

    Nice pictures! and your girl is super pretty!!

  22. Thank you for stopping by my photo blog. Your post is just lovely as are the photos. I feel like I took a mini vacation just looking at them all. Best, Kim

  23. Lovely – and it reminds me a lot of Hampton Court Palace just outside of London.

  24. Oh my, the garden is so very beautiful! I wish we can have a garden well maintained as well in Malaysia. The Het Loo Palace is also a nice building. And the garden complements it very well. Wish I can travel there one day. :)

  25. Wow look at that labyrinth! I think it’s adorable how your family is playing on the lawn as if it were the back yard. Such lovely photos as well.

  26. Congratulations! I am giving you the Versatile blogger award. I so much enjoy reading your blog – you deserve this award! :-) Check my latest posting for details. Congrats! :-)

  27. Roxanlita says:

    beautiful pictures. I miss my nice camera. Adding this place to my wish list of travel.

  28. So many great pictures! The palace gardens look so pretty. Are they also open in the winter? I wonder if they do any holiday displays . . .

    • Malou says:

      This is even a very small set of pictures from the many that I took that day ;-)

      Yes, this palace is open in winter and actually for the whole year except on Mondays and in New Year. Not sure if they had holiday displays but there are always running exhibitions during the year.

      There are other castles here with holiday displays, especially around Christmas time.

  29. That royal marzipan cake looks delicious!!

  30. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Absolutely stunninghotos. I finally found a quiet moment to pop over and say thank you for following and have a look at your amazing photos!our daughter is so pretty!

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