Tulips (part 1)

Busy time right now preparing for tomorrow’s Easter egg hunt. The little ones are already so excited. We will have the egg hunt in the sand dunes of Soesterduinen which is just a few kilometers away from our place. It sure will be a lot of fun because there is so much space to run around for the very energetic and hyper kids. Lots of secret places to hide the eggs as well.

Nonetheless, let me share with you these tulip images which I took last year from a showcase of various types of tulips which we chanced upon while driving through the Noordoost Polder.

About Malou
I'm a mom to a five-year old little girl with interest in cooking, baking, traveling and photography. Castles and palaces are special favorites so when weather permits for a good walk on weekends, me, hubby and little girl are always out for a bit of adventure.

94 Responses to Tulips (part 1)

  1. I love your photographs…
    Good luck on your East Celebration
    Best, Jenny

  2. lhodson says:

    Tulips are one of my favorite flowers; I plant bulbs every fall. Love the ones that were lavender, yellow and orange. Of course, I would never leave out the pink ones! They’re my absolutely fave!

  3. Robyn Lee says:

    Beautiful photos as always…enjoy your holiday Malou!

  4. Wiepkjen says:

    That is a lot of tulips ;-) Beautiful pictures.

  5. sillisoup says:

    Exquisite photos, as always, Malou! What lens did you use for the close-ups?

  6. satsumaart says:

    Ah, how lovely. This giant collection of colorful tulip photos made me smile. Happy Easter to you!

  7. Thandiwe says:

    Spectacular! I hope that the Easter Egg hunt is a delight.

  8. BigSkyKen says:

    Another beautiful feast of color! Thanks for sharing these, Malou.

  9. gramster1 says:

    How beautiful! Tulips are just so wonderful.

  10. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. How lovely to be flooded with their photos on the screen! I used to hold an Easter egg hunt at my house with all tiny food (mini muffins, mini bagels, etc.) for the little ones. Their favorites were the eggs filled with sunflower seeds to plant.

    • Malou says:

      Glad to know that you love the tulip pictures flooding your screen. ;-)
      How coincidental that you mention about the sunflower seeds. My daughter got them as presents from the grandparents and she and her father planted them last Wednesday. She’s checking on them all the time. ;-)

  11. My absolute favourite flower is the tulip! You’ve captured so many of them here! What a great post. Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to more of yours!

  12. Becky says:

    Stunning photographs! Red tulips are my favorite flower.

  13. Michi says:

    Sooo beautiful!! I’d love to skip and run through those fields!

  14. Just gorgeous! Have a great day with your sweet family!

  15. janinevasta says:

    Happy happy Easter Malou! The tulips are glorious.

  16. Absolutely beautiful. My favorite flower.

  17. Beautiful photos! I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  18. Beautiful pictures of beautiful tulips. I’m part Dutch by ancestory. My grandmother’s side of the family (Uhters), and she loved tulips as do I. My favorites were the ones that went from pink to orange. They remind me of an Easter sunrise.

  19. Happy Easter to you and your family Malou, quick question, what were the tulips with the little flecks of fluffy stuff on top? I’ve never seen that variety before :)

    • Malou says:

      I hope you had a great Easter celebration too. On those tulips with fluffy stuff on top, I’ll have to check the name next time. Pretty unusual huh! Over here there are several hundreds of varieties of tulips and they are still creating new ones. ;-)

  20. Hey HAppy Easter to you and your family… beautiful pics as usual…:)

  21. puppy1952 says:

    Stunning photos, again, Malou – Happy Easter to you and your family. Hope the Easter Egg hunt goes well and the bunny brings many surprises.

    • Malou says:

      Thanks a lot, puppy1952. I hope you had a wonderful Easter too. The egg hunt went so well, the little ones wanted to go on with the hunt forever. ;-)

  22. Mike Sinnott says:

    Gelukkig Paasfeest, the tulip varieties are absolutely breathtaking, superb.

  23. Gorgeous photos as usual. What kind of camera do you have Malou?

    • Malou says:

      Thanks a lot, Ashley. I am using a Nikon D60. ;-)

      • Thanks Malou! I’m going to investigate that camera :) I desperately need something better than what I’ve got now! I must do justice to this wonderful place I live in and the photo opportunities it gives :)

      • Malou says:

        My camera is already an old model. Nikon has newer models in the market these days.

      • For an old model is sure takes wonderful photos. I love looking at your pictures, though I’m sure that part of it is the fact that you have a great eye for things and are an excellent picture taker. I always look forward to seeing your great photos.

      • Malou says:

        Thanks a lot, Ashley. I always say that in taking pictures, it is best to look with one’s heart. I don’t follow conventions and technicalities when taking pictures. What I find pleasing and heartwarming is what I go for in my pictures. ;-)

      • Excellent advise and a good rule to live by when snapping shots :)

        Have a fun, blessed and beautiful weekend !

  24. zelmare says:

    delightful! Never knew there were so many varieties of tulips. :)

  25. christymoyer says:

    Oh my goodness! I had no idea there were so many types of tulips! These are absolutely beautiful! I have a new bucket list item on my travel list! Thank you and Happy Easter!

  26. viveka says:

    Superb photos again – hope that you had better weather for your egg hunt day then we had up here, we had snow for a couple of hours and very cold. Sure the kids would any chill in their excitement. Happy Easter to you too!

  27. recoverythrumylens says:

    Just beautiful….wondering how long they bloom over there and what becomes of those fields the rest of the year?

  28. FeyGirl says:

    Such lovely colors and images… Nothing like nature to provide a perfect canvas. Much luck on your Easter egg hunt! :)

  29. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…these tulip shots are amazing, and even more so to view on Easter. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  30. putneyfarm says:

    Lovely pics- thank you so much for sharing and happy Easter!

  31. Oh my – more fun than a candy store! Fabulous flowers – thanks for sharing!

  32. Cyn Strang says:

    My favorite flower and you captured their beauty….thanks for sharing!

  33. J M Naszady says:

    Your seventh tulip photo matches the ones in my garden! They are ALL gorgeous!

  34. ann nz says:

    amazing! amazing! amazing!.

    These tulips are for display? not grown for sale?????

  35. David says:

    gorgeous flowers and even better photos!!!

  36. inherchucks says:

    Beautiful Pictures, Beautiful Family!

  37. I love Tulips, they are so elegant and proud
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful and refreshing pictures with us

  38. Dave says:

    The beauty of creation. Wonderful!

  39. golappan says:

    Its really awesome.

  40. The colors of these flowers are SO gorgeous! Great pics! One day I’d like to see this in person. :-)

  41. Sanna says:

    These pictures are very beautiful. My eyes says: “Oooh!”

  42. Cee Neuner says:

    Each and everyone of these are gorgeous!!!

  43. hugr5 says:

    Holland is famous for its tulips.

    I LOVE the concept of an Easter Egg Hunt in the Sand Dunes!

  44. This tulips are gorgeous! My favorite is the last picture you have included here. I love tulips that are multi-colored!

  45. polly says:

    very lovely shots I love all the differ color.

  46. I really believe that no one does flowers like the Dutch!

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  48. I came here from The Wandering Photographer (http://joethewanderer.wordpress.com/) where you blog is noted as being an inspiration and I can see why..these are beautiful and I enjoyed getting to know a bit about your blog from your about section….Michelle

  49. Jewels says:

    What a beautiful feast for the eyes… :)

  50. They really are a beautiful flower. No wonder the Dutch were in a fever over them in the 1600s.

  51. Shez says:

    Such gorgeous flowers so perfectly captured. I must say the fringed ones are amazing and the photo of the luscious light pink ones with the light glowing through them are especially enchanting. :D

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  53. I’ve never seen those fuzzy looking tulips before! BEAUTIFUL!

  54. Opalla says:

    How lucky you are to be living in Holland. I love tulips.

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