Queen’s Day at the tulip fields

Our little queen on Queen’s Day at the tulip fields

“Never let an opportunity pass by without giving it due consideration.” Weather-wise, this is my standing motto these days because in the whole month of April, we’ve hardly seen the sun and the temperature has been for the most part, chilly.

In yesterday’s Queen’s Day celebration, the weather did an unusual turn-around. Less than 24 hours before, I was still in my winter coat and then it was off to temperature soaring to as high as 28 degrees Celsius during the day. The party mode was on fever-pitch for the Dutch.

Not wanting to waste such a lovely day, I managed to persuade the Mr. to also do a side trip to the flower fields in nearby Flevo polder where we saw the tulips already in full bloom when driving through last weekend. We normally go to the Noordoost polder for our annual foray into the flower fields and our original plan to do that is still next weekend but seeing the blue skies, I just can’t wait for almost a week for that. Besides, there is no guarantee about a nice weather either and who knows, most tulips would already be gone by then when the farmer cuts the flowers to enable the bulbs to grow further. These fields are just a short drive of 20 minutes from our place so I see no reason why we can’t spare some time on this day.

Under sweltering heat at the height of the day, we were at the tulips fields in the polder. My little girl changed outfit to something close to the Dutch royal color and reigned over the fields in her faux jewelry ensemble which were hard won from throwing balls to a stack of tin cans from a distance in the fancy fair we went to the other weekend.

Year after year, I remain amazed by this staggering vista of tulips in various colors and varieties. I try not to give this sight a miss and why not, it is all for free, gratis et amore.




Our family

Our family

About Malou
I'm a mom to a five-year old little girl with interest in cooking, baking, traveling and photography. Castles and palaces are special favorites so when weather permits for a good walk on weekends, me, hubby and little girl are always out for a bit of adventure.

95 Responses to Queen’s Day at the tulip fields

  1. artbycamila says:

    Oh my… it is just so beautiful…. I want to go there so much that I even included on my Bucket List….

  2. Pam says:


  3. fluffyphoton says:

    The vast field of tulips is impressive! And little princess is just so pretty :-)

  4. Quite stunning – the flowers, small girl ;-) , colours. What a spread.

  5. Thandiwe says:

    The tulips are beautiful as is your family. I especially love the image of the ladybug on your daughter’s hand. Thanks

  6. soumyav says:

    LOVELY!! the young queen looks so amazing…god bless her..

  7. Wonder photographs of the flower of your heart and all the lovely flowers that surround her!

  8. It’s gorgeous…. Actually one of my co-workers she’s there now and she told me about the Queen’s Day and all the tulips…. It’s just as beautiful as I thought it would be.

  9. polly says:

    beautiful shots

  10. ShimonZ says:

    beautiful photos

  11. Amy says:

    Gorgerous colors of tulips and beautiful family photos. Your daughter is growing, she is a beauty!

  12. viveka says:

    Beautiful photo .. and I love that dress she has on … she such a little lady. Flowers are stunning, my favorite is her in the ocean of pink tulips. Thank you for bringing so much color to my 1;st day of May.

    • Malou says:

      Thanks a lot, Viveka. She loves dressing up these days and those faux jewelries as well. ;-)

      • viveka says:

        Love to see a little girl being a little girl, that loves princess and all that comes with it. She are so beautiful, but she has goodlooking parents too. I really enjoy spending time with you family,. My little happy family in Holland.

  13. Michael Zoll says:

    Schön die Tulpenfelder und natürlich die kleine “Blumenkönigin” :-)

    Gruß, Michael

  14. oiyoufood says:

    Stunning! Breathtaking beauty! its like a dream! Your daughter is a lucky little princess :) !

  15. Mike Sinnott says:

    Royal family, beautiful.

  16. jelillie says:

    Beautiful photos. This was my sister’s first Queen’s Day Celebration. She told me she had a wonderful time going from sale to sale!

    • Malou says:

      Thanks a lot, jelillie. Wow, good your sister had a great time experiencing the Dutch Queen’s day celebration here. ;-)

  17. Hi! Love your photos of Queen’s Day among the tulip fields! I have also enjoyed browsing your site in the past, and I have nominated you for a Reader Appreciation Award!

  18. The Lu Life says:

    The flowers are gorgeous! They look like endless fields!!!

  19. Justine Duppong says:

    So beautiful–I could see a lot of people imagining this as their “happy place!!!!”

  20. Michela says:

    So beautiful that looks unreal…thank you for sharing this!

  21. Red/yellow tulips look incredible. Your daughter looks quite charming as well :-)

  22. Caitlin Gath says:

    These pictures are GORGEOUS!!

  23. These are such beautiful shots of your daughter in the flowers! And I love her nail polish. Very nice!

    Are these tulip fields open to everybody? Can you pick as many tulips as you want?

  24. Thank you for the tulip pictures! I love tulips. When I was a child in South America, where they didn’t have tulips, I used to think they had to be artificial… how could something so bright and shiny come from Nature? I lived to discover that, indeed, Nature is capable even of that!

  25. Your daughter looks so cute in her crown and jewelry! My daughter is obsessed with her crown and being a princess :) What beautiful scenery!

  26. I pulled up the ‘Nature” folder; wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many gorgeous images of tulips/bulbs in one place before as is in your collection! Thoreau said, ‘There can be little melancholy to one who lives in nature and has his senses still.’ — How can one not have a good day when the landscape has exploded in color.
    Stunning. Z

  27. janinevasta says:

    Having just the one little princess in my life as well makes me loves this post even more… Your little one is just delightful. Even the flowers pale by comparison!!! Jx

  28. Awesome color! Love the close-up of your daughter’s painted nails and the ladybug!

  29. Imelda Evans says:

    So much colour! Gorgeous!

  30. alanamaree says:

    How stunning, what gorgeous photographs. The colours were amazing. Thank you for sharing them.

  31. Hi Malou,

    I really like the first pic of your daughter, it is awesome!!



  32. Beautiful Pics and a cute little girl. What a wonderful array of colors is displayed on my screen right now :)

  33. BigSkyKen says:

    Another beautiful series, and your daughter is growing into quite the lovely young lady! Well done, Malou.

  34. dawn says:

    amazing! :)

  35. the photos and colours are stunning! I love the ladybug shot most of all :)

  36. Lovely flowers! Love the colors! And thank you for liking my last post :)

  37. i know now why people visit your country to see tulips, they’re a sea of blooming beauties, nothing in comparison to what we have in england. love your blog, glad to have discovered it. my girls love seeing your daughter in the photos, they are of similar ages. take care.

  38. Michi says:

    So precious!!! Those photos are 100% frame-worthy – gorgeously colorful and breathtaking, and your little girl is a quite the beautiful princess! :)

  39. Yippey for Queen’s Day! I remember my cousin visiting your neck of the woods some years ago on that day and she came back with everything under the sun that was orange! Even a blow up orange crown that someone had given her in the street. I must remember to go during flower field days and Queen’s day. My trip will be perfect then:)

  40. anjig says:

    OMG, so pretty! Your little princess fits right in. That picture with they ladybug looks like a picture from a photo competition

  41. heathersharmony says:

    Beautiful Photos! Looks like it was a magical and memorable day!

  42. Hi there – thank you for stopping by my blog! I loved this post, your photos are amazing! And your little girl is a little fairytale princess. Your blog is so interesting – I am a South African of Dutch/French descent and hope to visit that part of Europe one day :)

  43. Stunning and your daughter is even prettier than the tulips (love the jewels).

  44. Karine says:

    This is absolutely stunning !!

  45. Excellent series…and she is growing more beautiful with every photo of her, malou!

  46. thirdeyemom says:

    Wow Malou! These photos are priceless especially the first one of your little girl! My daughter Sophia would be doing the exact same thing. She loves to dress up in princess clothing. What a gorgeous set of photos. Not sure what will happen when the tulips are gone as I’m loving your tulip posts!!! Nicole

  47. chrisstov says:

    So many beautiful colours in so many beautiful flowers. Thank you.

  48. Louis says:

    A beautiful collection of beautiful scenes.

  49. wonderful! Pictures are soooo vibrant:)

  50. Maddie says:

    Amazing, nice pics

  51. Lilly Sue says:

    These are some beautiful pictures. Wow, I want to be in a field of tulips!

  52. Malou, is there anywhere you particularly recommend for seeing tulips en masse? The BB and I plan to go out from Amsterdam this weekend. We do not have a car but were wondering about hiring bikes at the nearest train station. I would like to see fields but also a variety. Thank you for any ideas you may have.

    • Malou says:

      You can go to Keukenhof and there are several arrangements to choose from. Here is the link: http://www.keukenhof.nl

      Around Keukenhof are also many flower farms and you can rent the bike to cycle through them or go on a boat ride.

      Other option is to take the train from Amsterdam and go to Alkmaar where there are also lots of flower fields.

  53. Dor says:

    Gorgeous Malou…. just gorgeous!

  54. Incredible pictures!!! And your little “Queen” is adorable! Wow, I love all the bright colors!

  55. Karen says:

    Absolutely beautiful…thanks for sharing.

  56. lynm2 says:

    Beautiful pictures all the way through your blog.

  57. WOW! your pictures are stunning!!! Your little girl too, so cute!

  58. niasunset says:

    These are so beautiful dear Malou. And this little Queen fascinates… Blessing her. Another point that hit me so much, some of photographs there are naked trees at the back standing amazing with sky and tulips… Maybe you know between Holland and my country there is a wonderful historical story about these tulips, especially black tulip. Thank you, have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

  59. cidnlars says:

    So incredibly beautiful!

  60. Deb Platt says:

    Loved the photo of your little queen. :) As to the tulip fields, I have been looking at your photos of them, and they are so vast. I’ve never been around anything like that. It looks incredible.

  61. Can´t add more than everyone else ahs already said as they are stunning photos and your daughter moreso! Am curious about the tulips – are these picked and sold or just grown for their beauty?

  62. Beautiful… your Princess and your empire :) Lovely captured.

  63. Malou – very beautiful:)

  64. Magnificent pictures! It’s almost impossible to name a favourite but I think the one with the ladybird is particularly cute.

  65. Don Scrooby says:

    I’ve never seen anything quite so beautiful. The colours are absolutely exquisite and you have shot them so well. Thanks for a feast of beauty.

  66. Your little Queen is such a beauty – God bless her. Well have never seen so much flowers in my life – that too in so many colours. So I must thank you for the images:)

  67. Is this at Keukenhof? I know someone who will be there on the last day it’s open this year! I wish I could be there. Your daughter looks just like a little princess in these photos!

  68. I’ve been catching up on blog reading like mad, after a crazy two weeks.. I’m so glad I didn’t miss yours. Your “Queen” is so beautiful with her lovely gown. I’m smitten with the photo of her hands with the ladybug.. she is enchanting:) xo Smidge

  69. GalonTrip says:

    hi malou, thanks for visiting and following my blog. wow, your koninginnedag pics rock, showing different locations celebrating the joyful day, starring your daughter. and the rest of the posts are simply awesome! those castles in nl, never thought of going there although i was in holland for years back then. your pics trigger me to visit those places one day. where are you originally come from and how long have you been in nl?

    • Malou says:

      Thanks a lot. There is so much to see in this country though many get stranded to focus only on the big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. I am from the Philippines and I’ve been here for over 10 years. ;-)

  70. Beautiful pictures. So pretty. The Netherlands is such a wonderful country.

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