Camping life

Dinner time – our simple dinner fare consisted of rice, fried mackerel and salad


From the chateau to the tent — that’s many notches downgrade to our accommodation but we truly love going to the basics.  To our little girl, the tent is more fun than the chateau and she can do a trade-in anytime.  She was actually least happy at the chateau because the other guests were all senior people so aside from the dogs, she had no one to play with.  At the camp, she was in her best element having made friends easily with the other kids, notwithstanding the language barrier.


Dinner preparation — rice and fried mackerel

Fried mackerel

Fresh salad

Card game and warm drinks while waiting for the fresh bread that will be available at 8:30 am.

Sampling the croissant

Our little camper

At the camp playground with other children

Lots of fun between these two girls though one speaks Dutch and the other one is French

A friendship is born despite the language barrier

Two girls enjoying a beautiful friendship

These two girls tried table tennis but …. most times were busy picking the ball from the ground

Very determined table tennis players

Tulips (part 2)

Still more tulip pictures.

One afternoon at the children’s animal farm

This goat found her smelling nicely ;-)

My husband and I try our best to raise our little girl with awareness and respect for the natural world. On weekends, we can be found taking strolls in the forest or some park.

Three Sundays ago, we went for an afternoon visit to the city’s animal farm for kids which is actually run by volunteers. It is a very simple farm with goats, sheeps, peacocks, rabbits, chicken, calf, horses, etc. The nice thing is that children can come up close and pet these animals. The other time that we were at this farm was 3 years ago, also in early spring. At that time, Francesca enjoyed picking up the goat’s poop balls. She knew better this time and just had a great time chasing the small goats and trying to lift them up. At some point, she managed to have one of them to stay by her. They forged a lovely and friendly bond.

It was a cloudy afternoon till the sun started to break through the clouds

The sun breaking through the clouds

Showing how to approach a little goat

Be sweet not naughty ;-)

Showing the little girl how to treat a little goat - gentle is the word.

Running after a little goat

our family


Guinea fowls


Proud to share her story on how she befriended this little goat

Chasing the goats

Meeting a rabbit

We are friends



Playground inside the animal farm

"Wip kip" is how this stationary ride is called


With the Guinea fowls

Together we will explore the world ;-)


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