Tuscan sunset at Pelagaccio

Tuscan sunset

The nice thing about staying in an agriturismo was that it was possible to escape the madness of crowded places like the earlier part of the day we spent in Volterra and retreat to the tranquil of Pelagaccio. There was the pool for a dip to tame the scorching heat and then the simple beauty of the countryside to take us back to another place and time.

The little girl was just so happy to be back to Pelagaccio playing with Pippo (the sweet dog belonging to the agriturismo) and then with 2 other kids at the playground. Who won’t have fun in such a place, a playground with so much space?

Tuscan sunset never fails to amaze. That crimson ball in the horizon which would eventually disappear through the Tuscan hills and leaves behind a sky of various shades from purple, red, pink, and gold, eventually giving way to darkness and a night sky of millions of stars.

Before dinner, I just found myself taking a short walk on the dirt road leading to and from Pelagaccio and took more pictures. I wanted to take pictures of Pelagaccio from a distance and at sunset with the fading light giving it a different charm and glow. It was amazing to also take pictures of the village of Fabbricca close to nightfall as the many pictures I took of this village was at the height of the day. There was a different kind of wonder and amazement to see the silhouette of Tuscan hills in the fading light, to hear the birds and crickets even under pain of being bitten by some nasty flies.

On this little excursion, Pippo proved his loyalty by providing me excellent company which was very reassuring in such a very unfamiliar terrain.

Tuscan sunset

Tuscan vineyard at sunset

Tuscan sunset

Pelagaccio from the distance

Agriturismo Pelagaccio from the distance

Tuscan hills in late afternoon

Small vineyard close to the entrance of Pelagaccio

Vineyard and the village of Fabbricca up the hill

Agriturismo Pelagaccio at sunset


Father and daughter

Children’s playground

Kids playing with Pippo

Sweet Pippo

Francesca and Pippo

The little girl and her favorite dog

Fun at the swing

Fun at the table football

Fun at the slide

Fun at the slide

Luscious fruits ripening under the the Tuscan sun

Unripe grapes

Yellow blooms

Red blooms

Tuscan roses

Little girl at sunset

Little girl and Pippo

Sunset walk along the dike


We first laid eyes on each other around sunset over 15 years ago on the shores of El Nido in the Philippines. Call us incurable romantics but sunset still weaves its amazing magic to us each time.

Being parents to an overly active 4-year old, we are constantly busy and in a rush but we found ourselves enjoying some quiet moments together last month when our little girl was fetched by the grandparents for the weekend. Finally, a bit of time for ourselves and those sleep-outs that we badly needed after many short nights.

On this seemingly warm early spring day, we enjoyed a quiet walk along the dike not so far from our place. On this dike is also a steam mill (Stoomgemaal Hertog Reijnout) which was built in 1882 and drains the water from the polder.

I love it there to just watch the many birds that converge on the flood plains in the polder and the tranquil view of the setting sun in the distance. On this particular day, the birds were mostly sea gulls but there were times when I’ve seen an incredible number of geese. Oh, they’re still in flight this time of the year from Africa where they stay till the cold season is over here in Europe.

Steam mill (Stoomgemaal Hertog Reijnout)

Stoomgemaal Hertog Reijnout

Signs of spring

Signs of spring

Signs of spring


The Mr.

the Mr.

Our shadows


Glorious skies

The dike

Eemmeer, used to be Zuiderzee and is now partly reclaimed into the Flevopolder

Birds in flight in the distance

A boat in the distanc

Sunset at the dike



Steam mill in the distance

a little jetty on the Eemmeer

Numerous birds in flight


Birds in flight

Birds in flight...steam mill in the distance

Birds in flight


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