Leaving the island

The song, “The trouble with hello is goodbye”, kept ringing in my head when it was time to leave the island after 3 glorious days. My little girl was inconsolable when we boarded the ship back to the mainland. She found it difficult to say goodbye to her beloved oma and opa who were staying behind for a few more days.

We made one last cycling trip through the dunes before leaving. Glorious weather made me feel sorry that this weekend was too short. One can’t be this lucky with the weather all the time. I remember other holidays in the island when it was just wet and grey for days.

Dining experience in Terschelling

The island has certainly moved in with the times.  It is no longer isolated from the mainland, thanks to the several trips of both the RORO and catamaran vessels daily ferrying people and goods.  I remember watching a series made in the 70’s on Terschelling showing how the island people being so excited at the visit of the traveling merchant from Amsterdam bringing goods like jewelries, clothing materials, toys, cosmetics, etc.  Now, these things which used to be so precious and rare have become ordinary as travel to and from the island can be made in a day instead of what used to be a gargantuan undertaking.

Dining experience in Terschelling has also moved many notches up.  Restaurants of various themes now abound.  However, I cannot reconcile myself to dining in a Mexican, Spanish or Chinese restaurant for instance.  Call me old fashioned but I don’t mind.  I would still prefer to go to the same place every time I am in the island.

This restaurant in Midsland Noord called “Gasterij d’Drie Grapen” seems to have been there for ages.  My mom-in-law told me that to her recollection, the restaurant has stayed the same in the last 30+ years that she and the family has been going there.

The restaurant has this dark interior — the typical brown cafe style.  Adornments are of maritime theme from mermaid statues to fish nets, buoys, etc.  Fresh flower arrangements provide that sweet and fresh touch to what seemed like an austere atmosphere and the huge fireplace generates both warmth and cozy ambiance.

The menu provided few but excellent choices of dishes.  The family is loyal to the chicken dish of “Kip uit ‘t vuisje” which is half a chicken stewed in Calvados, Normandy style.  I opted for a nice steak for a change.

Terschelling and its many charms

Island life to some may be boring but I just love escaping to this piece of paradise on earth.  Compared to the tropical islands of my youth, Terschelling is pretty flat and bare, the water is cold that even in summer, swimming will still send anyone shivering.  There are no palm trees dotting the beaches nor trees with hammocks for one to sip pina colada.  Instead, the wide beaches are dominated by kite flyers, wind surfers or drivers on four-wheel drives.

Terschelling is all charm on its own.  See the pictures in this blog and you’ll understand what I mean.

Weekend at the island – Terschelling

Terschelling is one of the Dutch Wadden islands and the family’s fave holiday destination. This is pretty understandable because of the family’s connection to the island (the family once lived here for about a year and a half when they just returned from Suriname and at that time, my husband’s grandfather and namesake was the pastor of the Protestant Church in Midsland. My husband was also baptised here by his grandfather.) The fondness for the island has rubbed itself on me and certainly on Francesca whose first trip here was when she was barely a month old. This is now her 4th time in the island in her very young life.

The wide beaches of Terschelling

We were lucky to be blessed with excellent weather during the whole weekend and even on Monday. Just sunshine and blue skies. We spent a great deal of time cycling and just marveling at the splendid beauty of the island. It was good that hubby rented an electric bike for me so I was able to cope, ha, ha, ha!

Jelly fish

Four years ago at just around the same time when Francesca was barely a month old, we were here on the beach and she was sleeping so soundly in her pram with a warm water bottle beside her to keep her warm. Now, she’s running around, collecting shells and daring the chilly waters.

The little girl who loves the beach

The windmill cafe

From the beach we cycled through the forest and headed to the windmill which is now a cafe serving the usual coffee/hot chocolate and cranberry tart. Terschelling is known for its cranberries which are normally harvested in October. I remember some years ago when I got so hooked to gathering cranberries and ended up with almost a sackful. I never brought them home with me for I didn’t know what I’ll do with them. Mam Sil made lots of jellies and jams as well as used them for Christmas decors.

Inside the windmill cafe

Coffee and cranberry tart topped with whipped cream


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