Tips to booking hotel accommodation

Traveling need not be very expensive.  With careful planning, one can see all the best places in the area and have an excellent accommodation that will not break the bank .  I always keep this in mind when planning a weekend somewhere or going for a longer holiday.

We were in Dusseldorf last weekend for the Christmas market and stayed at a nice 4-star hotel.  The NH Dusseldorf City was located just at the right location because it is not in the very center of the city but easily accessible through the underground metro.  The  metro station is also just adjacent to the hotel and the  trip to the city center is all but 4 stops so less than 10 minutes.

We had the option to just the accommodation or to have the inclusive breakfast.  Accommodation alone was Eur 50 and the reservation cost was Eur 15.  Breakfast was another Eur 25 per person.  We opted for the inclusive breakfast because we love the many choices and prefer to indulge once in a while.

How did we came up with this hotel as our base in the city?  We just checked and made the reservation in the Dutch travel site and the site gave all sorts of alternatives.  Prices will always be cheaper and availability of rooms more sure than when booking directly at the hotel in most cases because travel organization have already pre-bought the rooms ahead of time.

Four star business hotels will always have good deals especially towards the weekend.  Two nights stay inclusive of buffet breakfast will always be a steal.  Whether in Germany, Belgium or France, we just rely on Weekendjeweg because we always get a good deal.  A trip to Disneyland last March inclusive of entrance tickets for 3 days to Disneyland was a good bargain.  Same as with the weekend trip we made last September to Movie Park Germany inclusive of the entrance tickets.  The entrance tickets alone had we bought them separately would have been more expensive than the entire hotel plus entrance tickets package.

Not sure how this will work for the non-Dutch traveler because the site is in Dutch but let me know if you have questions.  When booking, the site does not ask for the credit card either and everything is paid at the hotel only upon check-out.


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